Why KAP Construction?

At KAP Construction Inc. we take a proactive approach to projects.  We combine the client's vision and goals with the knowledge of our specialists.  We develop a project plan and approach that allows the client to be a partner, while we execute construction in a timely and efficient manner.  Paul Kaplan is the heart of KAP Construction Inc. and has a background in Architectural and Industrial Design, upon which the foundation of his experience is built.

KAP Construction Inc.'s core foundation is sustainable and efficient building and is based on the following components:

     People:  developing communication and relationships between the client, KAP Construction Inc. and subcontractors.

     Planning and Design:  working closely with the client, architect and government agencies to produce a set of permitted blueprints that reflect the client's vision.

     Implementation:  constructing a home or project which is environmentally conscious and energy efficient within the client's budget and vision.  Some factors involved include:

          Minimizing impact on the proposed work site.

          Using advanced building techniques to minimize waste.

          Implementing a comprehensive recycling program during construction.

          Using low VOC adhesives, sealants and paints.

          Passive solar orientation and shading.

          Using high R-value insulation at foundation, in crawl spaces and attic.

          Low E-windows.

          Renewable energy technologies such as solar electric and thermal, radiant heating, geothermal and wind.

          Low water and energy use fixtures and appliances.

Memberships and Accreditations

     Builders Association of Northern Nevada (BANN)

     Better Business Bureau (BBB)

     Sierra Green Building Association (SIGBA)

     United States Green Building Council (USGBC)

     Sierra Green Residential Certification Program

     BPI Building Analyst (Envelope and Shell)


KAP Construction Inc. was honored to be awarded with Best of Show and Best Custom Home at the 2007 Parade of Homes Ceremony.  "The Villa of Washoe", located in Washoe Valley is a distinct green built home.