At KAP Construction Inc. we believe energy efficiency is the logical choice for a home or business.  Energy efficiency can help us have a lesser impact on the environment, save money and live healthier lives.  We can recommend and perform improvements to retrofit your home or business to be more energy efficient.  KAP Construction Inc. is in partnership with EnergyFit to bring you the most cost effective and up to date retrofits available.  The first step is to get an energy audit done to see where improvements can be made.  Then discuss which improvements work best for your budget and lifestyle.  The final step is to have the work done by a licensed contractor, like KAP Construction Inc.  One of the advantages of the EnergyFit program is that they send an independent third party to ensure that the work is done correctly and in a timely fashion.  Another advantage of working with an EnergyFit contractor is that you qualify for rebates from Energy Fit if we can achieve a 20% or more reduction in your overall energy use.